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The Good Shepherd

Catholic Primary School

“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Who's Who

School Leaders

School Leaders 1 Head Teacher: Mrs Lavelle MA, NPQH
School Leaders 2 Deputy Head Teacher / SENCO - Mrs Moore-Jaunaii


Nursery 1 Class Teacher: Miss Backshall
Nursery 2 Early Years Educator: Jenny Walsh


Reception 1 Class Teacher / Early Years Leader: Mrs Henbrey
Reception 2 Early Years Educator: Leanne O’Sullivan

Year 1

Year 1 1 Class Teacher: Miss Molloy
Year 1 2 Emily

Year 2

Year 2 1 Class teacher: Miss Twomey
Year 2 2 Teaching Assistant: Agnieszka Garrison
Year 2 3 Learning support assistant: Adriana Cuerto Revenga

Year 3

Year 3 1 Class teacher: Miss Jackson
Year 3 2 Learning support assistant: Linda
Year 3 3 Learning support assistant: Audrey
Year 3 4 Teaching Assistant: Anna Kalinowska

Year 4

Year 4 1 Class teacher: Mr Davis
Year 4 2 Teaching Assistant: Marcelo Cordevo

Year 5

Year 5 1 Class teacher: Miss Kennedy
Year 5 2 Teaching Assistant: Anna Kalinowski

Year 6

Year 6 1 Class Teacher: Ms Mc Daid
Year 6 2 Teaching Assistant: Marcelo Cordova
Year 6 3 Teaching Assistant: Tina O'Brien

Additional Teaching Staff

Additional Teaching Staff 1 Supported Learning Teacher: Ms Kettle
Additional Teaching Staff 2 Drama Teacher: Arwen Burnett
Additional Teaching Staff 3 Cookery Teacher: Etain Gibson

Music Teaching Staff

Music Teaching Staff 1 Guitar and Drums Teacher: Ash Hall
Music Teaching Staff 2 Music Teacher: Mr Cape

Physical Education Support Staff

Physical Education Support Staff 1 Dance Coach: MIchelle Bourne
Physical Education Support Staff 2 Cricket Coach: Jonathan Payne
Physical Education Support Staff 3 Football coach: Antonio

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Kitchen Assistant: Kitty Mc Cormack

Mealtime Supervisors

Mealtime Supervisors 1 Mealtime Supervisor: Bernie Brennan
Mealtime Supervisors 2 Meatime Supervisor: Amaka Amobi

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 School Business Manager: Mrs Birch
Support Staff 2 Admin Assistant: Anne Mc Guigan

After-School Club

After-School Club 1 After-School Club Supervisor: Marsha Garnett
After-School Club 2 After-School Supervisor: Audrey Phipps

School site

School site 1 Facilities Manager: Marek Kalinowski

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff 1 School Cleaner: Oliver Baitson
Cleaning Staff 2 School Cleaner: Bernie Brennan
Cleaning Staff 3 School Cleaner: Henri Fernandes
7 2 2 3 6 Visitors
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