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The Good Shepherd

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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 5 - St Thomas More

Mudlarks STEM workshop with Hydrasyst

The Leaning Woman trip and workshop (Proud Places)

Girls Cricket 2022

Sports Praise Assembly Summer 2022!

Skip Week 2022!

Mudlarks Project - Analysing the plastic samples found in the river Thames

Year 5 Cook Off

River Walk to Hammersmith Bridge - Mudlarks Project

Virtual Galleries 2022

Please take a look around the wonderful galleries the class has created to showcase their artwork.
The viewing password is the same as usual. Ask your teacher or the school office if you're not sure.

Our trip to the Science Museum

Champions League Grand Final (and winners’ match against the mighty All-Stars!)

Silly Science at The Good Shepherd!

Self-portrait artwork inspired by Chuck Close

Junior Netball Tournament @ St.Benedict’s

Our junior netball team had a great time competing against other local schools in an exciting Hi 5s netball tournament. Each member of the squad rotated to play in a different position for each match. Bella and Maya were our top scorers and Rioghna earned a Player of the Day award for her tenacity and awareness of space during our matches. 

Times Tables Rock Stars- Battle of the Bands!

Multi-skills Sports Festival @ St.Paul’s Girls’ School

Nine children from Y4, 5 and 6 competed in an exciting multi-skills competition hosted by St.Paul's Girls' School. They had a variety of activities to try, including bowling, football and curling. Our team had a great time and were awarded medals for their team's high score. Well done to all of them!

Virtual Galleries Project: logos

As part of the Virtual Galleries Project, Year 5 researched logos and decided that something CLEAR, SIMPLE and UNIQUE made for the most memorable logos.

They tried to incorporate these features in their own logos using the website

Good Shepherd Carol Concert 2021

The viewing password is the same as usual. Please ask your teacher or the school office if you don't know it.

Christmas dinner!

Club 144 Secret Meeting- what were they up to this time?

Mayor’s Cup football matches vs Old Oak

Our girls’ and boys’ football teams played their first matches of the season against Old Oak. 
The girls played first in a fast and furious encounter that saw Rioghna make a series of brave saves in goal. The game ended 0-0.

The boys spent most of the first half camped in their opponents’ half and ended the half 1-0 up after Tadhg finished calmly after the ball zipped around the penalty area. A great second goal for Good Shepherd from William in the second half secured the win for the boys.

Bikeability Cycle Training

Black History Month


Romeo and Juliet - The Capulet's Party

Easy Riders Cycle Club

Our Easy Riders had their first ride of the year in Wendell Park. I’m sure the other children from our lunchtime learn-to-ride club will be ready to join us on our next outing!

Club 144’s Secret Meeting in Wendell Park...

We had another top secret meeting at the end of last term. What do you think they might have been doing?

Keep practising your tables so you can join Club 144 too!

Welcome Back!



2020 - 2021 ARCHIVE

For our final Computing lesson of the year- Sphero Racing!

Year 3 and 4 Girls’ Football Tournament

Sports Day 2021

We managed to avoid the rain and have some fun at Sports Day!

Spooky Story!

We have been learning about electricity in science. Here, you can see us creating our own electrical circuits. We needed wires, batteries and a bulb to create our circuits. In the end, we were able to explain how electricity flows through our homes and around the country. 

The Good Shepherd’s newest member!

Meet the newest pupil at the Good Shepherd, Rocket. Mrs. Lavelle very kindly made a surprise visit to our classroom so that we could meet him. We all fell in love and have promised to look after him really well.

Luckily, we managed to have our annual summer fair at the Good Shepherd. We each received a set of tickets and could use them on activities and to win prizes! There were lots of fun activities set up for us throughout the day, like a super slide, hook a duck, a photo booth, a treasure trail and whack a mole. We could also cool down with an ice cold drink or an ice cream from the ice cream stall.

The Lost Happy Endings

We have been studying the book ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy this half term. The children have really enjoyed getting to know the main character, Jub. Here, you can see examples of our ‘role on the wall’, in which the children came up with words to describe Jub’s appearance and inner thoughts and feelings. Also, a big thank you to Annie-Rose who did a fantastic job at taking on the role of Jub in the hot seating activity, where children got to meet Jub in person. We had lots of unanswered questions for her!

Exploring body measurement

We found that the length of our forearms was equal to the length of our feet!

Water Cycle Projects

We have been learning about the water cycle in science. Over half term, we created projects based on the water cycle, Here, you can see some of the children’s recreations of the water cycle.

Over the past year, all of the children (and staff) of the Good Shepherd have missed out on a very important celebration – their birthday party! To make up for all of the birthday parties that have been missed in the last year, we threw a massive birthday bash! There was a silent disco, a bouncy castle, a super slide, cupcake decorating and party games. We even had the chance to win prizes. As a class, we were rewarded with a movie afternoon, a whole class game and 10 extra minutes of play!

The Young Shakespeare Company perform Hamlet

We love Shakespeare at the Good Shepherd! The Young Shakespeare Company made their annual visit and performed a fantastic production of Hamlet for us.

This term, we have been learning about ancient Rome in art. We have learned all about the power of the Roman Empire and have studied some monuments which were built in ancient Rome. So far, we have learned about the Pantheon, the Colosseum and Trajan’s Column. Here, we are working in groups to recreate the Pantheon. We used cardboard and lollipop sticks to create the base. Then, we created the dome from ModRoc. We had to leave a circular space in the top of our dome. This represented the oculus, which the Romans believed was a pathway to the Gods. Finally, we used wood and cardboard to create the portico. We finished by evaluating our monuments. 

Club 144 Summer Meeting

What secret things were they up to this time?
Clue: there was lots of adding up of decimals and it was something to do with the European Championships...

Timing Our Escape!

For our last Spheroraptor lesson we wanted to time how long each escape took. We did it five times and found the mean average. We wondered if there was something about the way the fastest escapes were coded that made them so quick.

We have been learning about decimals in maths. Here, we are using number flippers, counters and place value charts. This way, we could show the value of decimals in a variety of ways.

Spheroraptors: Debugged!

Year 4 had a problem. Last week, Spheroraptor kept getting stuck against the wall of its enclosure when trying to escape. Following a collision with a wall, we decided to make it reverse before trying to turn and roll. This seemed to stop it getting stuck, so we had a lot more Spheroraptors escaping this week! We also coded some great dinosaur matrix animations.

Spheroraptors on the loose!

We have a new challenge: code Sphero to escape from a rectangular pen. We imagined the Spheros were raptors escaping from Jurassic Park after a power failure opened the gates to the raptors’ pens... 

While some Spheroraptors successfully escaped, we found some problems with our code which we will work on next week.

Coding Bumper Cars with Sphero

We wanted our Spheros to act like bumper cars so we coded them to roll forwards and react to a collision with the benches by:

-saying ‘Ouch!’

-turning around

-rolling back again

Some of us added an LED matrix animation.

We raced our Spheros to see which performed the movements the quickest.


We have been busy this half term working on our Tudor projects. We had three sessions to complete our projects, so it was important that we planned them carefully. In week one, we completed lots of research about the area we were interested in. In weeks two and three, we were busy working on our designs and creating information leaflets, posters and videos about the pieces of work we had completed. 

Club 144 Spring Meeting

What do you think the members of Club 144 were up to in their meeting today?

Skip Week Champions: Blue Team!

Good Shepherd Skip Week 2021

Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in Good Shepherd's first ever Skip Week! Each child skipped for one minute each day and had their total skips recorded.
The Blue Team managed the most, well done to them! Remember: keep on skipping!

Today, we celebrated World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book character and listened to some lovely stories throughout the day!

Good Shepherd Carol Concert 2020

The viewing password is the same as usual. Please ask your child's teacher if you're not sure.

Christmas Dinner!

To mark the end of this Autumn term and to thank the children for all of the hard work they have put in, we had a Christmas fun day. There were many fun activities set up on the day, like pin the nose on Rudolph, beat santa in goals, tinsel pull, card games and hook a duck. We also got to decorate our own cookies and warm up with a tasty hot chocolate from Etain! 

Club 144 Meeting: The Egg Drop Challenge!

We explored the physics of dropping an egg from a height of 3 metres. We worked out that we needed to:

 Increase the time over which the egg was brought to rest.

 Decrease the egg's velocity at the time of the crash.

Achille, Julione, Mason and Michael's team came second, and Dara, Jude, Michael and Ferdy's team came third. They succeeded in protecting their egg, designing a parachute with padding to absorb some of the force of the impact, but their eggs still did sustain some damage! Well done to them!

I'm sure there will be more Club 144 members from Year 4 for our next meeting!