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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"


At Good Shepherd we value each and every one of God's children and their unique needs. We pride ourselves on the support we give to all our pupils. If a child has specific needs, we will strive to offer the best support available. We work closely with multiple agencies and professionals to seek the best support.


Our SENCO is Mrs Tamsin Moore-Jaunaii

Mrs Moore-Jaunaii can be contacted via the school office:

TEL: 02087435060



Please click on this link to take you to the SEND parental advice page on our website.






At Good Shepherd our intention for Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities is that all children receive a high-quality, broad and ambitious education regardless of need or disability. We are an inclusive school, and we celebrate each child’s strengths, interests and individuality. We understand that all pupils are unique individuals and that some children experience some difficulties relating to specific areas of learning. We aim to put our Christian values into practice every day, and use our best endeavours to achieve maximum inclusion and success for all of our children.

At Good Shepherd, our intent is

  • To enable children with SEND to achieve their potential, both inside and out of the classroom
  • To provide full access for all pupils to a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum
  • To ensure that the needs of pupils with SEND are identified early
  • To ensure our pupils with SEND are assessed, planned for, supported to learn and regularly reviewed to improve outcomes and therefore make best progress
  • To gain the views of the child and ensure they have a voice
  • To ensure parents/carers are fully engaged in decision making, assessing progress and determining goals
  • To provide advice and support for all staff working with children with SEND
  • To identify and refer pupils to outside agencies where a need has been identified
  • To implement the advice of experts and professionals involved from outside of the school
  • To identify and direct parents to the best providers of support
  • To provide detailed information about the arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for children with SEND
  • To support key transition points to allow them to be as smooth as possible
  • To ensure pupils are equipped for life in the wider community.

We want our children to feel safe, happy and respected and to fulfil their potential in academic progress. Our long-term goal is to help equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to live fulfilling and independent lives, achieving the goals and aspirations that our children set for themselves, with the support of those around them.



Every teacher is a teacher of SEND, and, as such, inclusion runs through every area of our school life. This is supported by collaboration between senior leaders, teachers, support staff, external agencies, parents and, most importantly, the child. We provide good quality and relevant training for all staff members supporting children with SEND, and work closely with external agencies and other professionals to improve our provision. Good Shepherd follows the SEND Code of Practice to identify additional needs and follows a graduated approach (APDR) to help pupils overcome barriers to learning.

Through our high-quality planning, teaching and provision we

  • pride ourselves on early identification and intervention for children with SEND to ensure progress and opportunities are maximised
  • ensure all children can access a broad and balanced curriculum through focused support.

At Good Shepherd, pupils with SEND will:

  • be included in all aspects of the school life
  • receive quality first teaching
  • be respected and their contributions valued and acknowledged
  • learn in an accessible environment
  • have their individual progress monitored and reviewed to ensure best learning
  • have pre-learning opportunities and same-day interventions as needed
  • have individual support plans with targets linked to individual needs
  • have regular interventions working on these targets.


At Good Shepherd, pupils with SEND may:

  • take part in other class interventions to support Maths, Reading, SPaG or Writing
  • take part in social, emotional or nurture support interventions with our ELSA staff.
  • receive additional support around speech and language
  • receive sessions with our school counsellor
  • follow support directed by educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, Autism Specialists INSPIRE, Literacy and Maths specialist teaching service INSPIRE, behaviour outreach support team, or other professionals.


At Good Shepherd, the SENCO / SLT will:

  • regularly review the SEND Policy, ensuring its implementation and effectiveness, adjusting it accordingly
  • ensure the SEND Register is kept up to date and regularly reviewed
  • make referrals to other services or applications for funding
  • liaise with external agencies and help staff to implement their strategies and advice
  • ensure all staff have the training and expertise to ensure the best outcomes for children with SEND
  • enable the SENCO to attend courses to keep up to date with current issues, attend regular CPD, research key SEND areas and disseminate relevant information to staff
  • ensure our children with SEND are well-supported and make good progress.




As a result, at Good Shepherd:

  • our children with SEND are happy, safe and have their needs met well
  • we have a learning environment where difference and diversity is embraced
  • all children are respected and respectful
  • children have a voice and feel heard
  • staff are empathetic, supportive and compassionate and create learning opportunities for all
  • parents / carers feel listened to and play an important role in the education of their child
  • early intervention means we are closing emerging gaps early and / or identify needs and implementing support early
  • the academic achievement of children with SEND is monitored closely and support reviewed and adjusted to enable best progress
  • our children develop skills which help them to become valued, independent and giving members of the wider community.


Some useful documents

School SEND Information Report and Local Offer Intervention Strategies

Hammersmith and Fulham Local Offer

The Hammersmith and Fulham Local Offer provides information about services that children, young people and their families can expect from a range of local agencies. Knowing what is out there gives you more choice and therefore more control over what support is right for you.


Please follow this link to reach the Hammersmith and Fulham website which provides information about services that children, young people and their families can expect from a range of local agencies.


Knowing what is out there gives you more choice and therefore more control over what support is right for you.



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