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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"


World Book Day 2024 - author visit

This year we used World Book Day to promote the importance of the bedtime story to parents and children.  Children came to school in their pyjamas, with their favourite bedtime story and teddy.  Our school lunch was themed with book-based dishes such as Gruffalo Crumble flapjacks, Hungry Caterpillar crunchy coleslaw and Peter Rabbit’s falafel wrap with yoghurt dip.

Good Shepherd auntie and award-winning children’s author Natasha Farrant demonstrated the magical nature of oral storytelling in a special world book day assembly.  The whole school was rapt as Natasha’s enchanting story about a magical tree unravelled.

World Book Day - School library

Good Shepherd mum Sarah Russell who runs our fabulous year 6 books clubs, spent the day in our school library, reading aloud a selection of excerpts from much-loved children’s books to each class, getting the children to name the titles and authors before revealing the front cover and asking them to vote if they’d like to read the book again.  The response was overwhelming; the children could barely contain their excitement at knowing and loving almost every book Sarah picked out for them, desperate to hear them read again!   

World Book Day - poetry workshop

The Good Shepherd hosted a one-day poetry-writing workshop led by poet and author Neal Zetter.  Neal inspired year 5 pupils from our school and from other schools across the borough to write, edit and improve their own poems.  Once they had a draft poem written, at the ring of a bell, Neal would encourage them to find three nouns and improve them with three descriptive adjectives, then find three verbs and add improve them with three powerful, interesting adverbs and finally to find synonyms to replace any words they’ve repeated more than once. All children agreed that their poems had improved as a result of the editing process and were keen to perform them to each other at the end of the day.

As well as the study of Shakepeare's plays in KS2, the younger children are encouraged to find out what they can about William Shakespeare during Show and Tell sessions and through class projects. They love to visit other classes and present their findings, models and writing to others.

World Book Day!

Entering a writing competition gives our young writers a real sense of purpose and ambition. Their confidence is further boosted by seeing their work published!

Children's Parliament Winners 2022

More than 80 pupils, aged between 10 and 11 years old, discussed weighty issues including air quality, light pollution, river cleanliness and the importance of green spaces in London at the annual Children's Environmental Parliament.  We are delighted to announce that our Year 6 2022 pupils received the highest number of votes and were crowned winners of the prestigious Children's Parliament Award 2022. Year 6 undertook research and prepared submission for the Parliament on the theme of Food Waste.

Children's Parliament winners 2022

Children in years 3 to 6 have spent another wonderful morning with the Young Shakespeare Company, totally enchanted as they watched Twelfth Night brought to life among them and at times fully involved in creating such dramatic scenes as the storm which shipwrecks Viola and Sebastian and the party at Lady Olivia's so memorably interrupted by Malvolio.

Lady Oxford, Clare Asquith, author of Shadowplay- The Hidden Beliefs & Coded Politics of William Shakespeare - visiting Year 5 and 6, amazed by the children's knowledge of Shakespeare's plays and his life.

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