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Enrichment in Maths

Club 144- Summer Term Meeting- Design and Build

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What is Maths Club 144?


Club 144 was set up to improve times tables in KS2. Individual table booklets are given fortnightly. Each booklet consists of a range of tables exercises which vary in difficulty. Attached is the latest booklet for the 9s. All of the booklets are available on class pages as PDFs.


Every Friday, all KS2 children sit the same 30 question tables quiz based on that fortnight's particular table. The questions could be from any fact family in the table (eg 9 x 2 = 18, 2 x 9 = 18, 18 / 2 = 9, 18 / 9 =2). There are additional challenge qu.s on each quiz to complete afterwards (e.g. 0.9 x 9). They sit each table quiz twice during the fortnight. The idea is that they will improve on their score and/or time by week 2.


If the children score 100% and complete their quiz within the time limit set by their teacher (this gradually reduces, e.g. yr 5 - 75 seconds, yr 6 - 60 seconds.). Three 100%s within the time limit qualifies a child to try out for Club 144. The try-outs happen every Friday at 1pm, children have to complete a 'secret' challenge -a times tables caterpillar (attached) within 3 mins. Most fail initially, it usually takes a few goes before they do it. Younger children get a simpler times table to do, older children a harder one. Those that fail need to score 100% within the time limit once more to qualify to try-out again. Children succeeding receive a membership card in assembly.


Every term we host a Club 144 event. Some of the most successful events were a team treasure hunt with maths clues to solve, a team online maths gaming ( tournament and a 3D modelling team challenge. The team-based challenges were good because they required very good communication and use of all team members for success to be possible- something able mathematicians sometimes struggle with. 


Membership is increasing every year, with more and more children determined to become part of this exclusive club.

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