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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 2 - St Bernadette

Good Shepherd Skip Week 2021

Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in Good Shepherd's first ever Skip Week! Each child skipped for one minute each day and had their total skips recorded.
The Blue Team managed the most, well done to them! Remember: keep on skipping!

Medium Term Curriculum Maps

Welcome back, Year 2!

2019 - 2020 ARCHIVE

Homework 06.03.2020

Homework 2.12.2019

Homework 1.11.2019

Pelican Music (18.10.19)

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Two string tutors from Pelican Music, Lisa and Laura vistied KS1 today.
They teach the cello and the violin. We were treated to some familiar songs, including the Harry Potter theme tune and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If your child is interested in either of these instruments please contact Pelican Music.

We have been exploring our senses, through tasting and hearing.

Welcome back to a new school year. 

A few things to keep in mind for year 1. 

  • Please ensure all uniform is labelled, including P.E kits. 
  • Children are to line up in the playground, the bell will be rung at 8:55. 
  • Homework will be handed out every Friday, please hand completed homework in the following Thursday. 
  • Spelling tests will be on Friday, I will not be sending results home at this point in the year. We are building good habits and foundations, not focusing on how many they got right or wrong. 
  • Please try to read daily to your child.
  • When reading books are ready to be changed please ensure they are signed and remind your child to put them in the green basket.


Welcome to Year 1 2019 - 2020!

Reception 2018 - 2019 archive

Image result for small children reading


"My child definitely reads.  It is wonderful to see how the 'magic' happens - the creation of the sounds, one by one.  He knows the 'traps' now.  He adopts the phonics of the letters, attaches the words.  It goes so fast.  Yesterday nothing. Tomorrow it will be done.  It's happening now and we all really enjoy reading together."  


Written by a Reception father in his child's reading record book, 1st May 2019. 


 Image result for magic wand



Image result for dinosaurs



Chickens are the closest living relative to the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

Here we are visiting newly-hatched dinosaur relatives in Year 1...










Through books, we learned a little about what the landscape might have looked like before dinosaurs became extinct around 66 million years ago.  We heard about rivers, waterfalls and caves, primeval forests and primordial swamps.  Our favourite things were giant, erupting volcanoes.  We followed a recipe and made a mini one ourselves to play with in our classroom.  Here are the photos showing the steps involved:











heart Namaste - the light in me sees the light in you heart


As well as our weekly outdoor multi-skills sessions with Adam on Tuesdays, this half term, we have a yoga class with Calista on Wednesday.  We are enjoying it.  It's non-competitive so it fosters cooperation and compassion.  We are beginning to derive great benefit from it in terms of enhancing our strength, coordination and flexibility, improving our concentration and giving us a sense of calmness and well-being.  




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Karen McLeod, who was our Nursery Teacher before Mrs Moore-Jaunaii and Miss Molloy, is kindly coming in regularly to teach us a very important life-long skill.  She is teaching us how to sew.  We are improving our hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills, and learning patience along the way.  Karen is helping us to thread our needles, but she is allowing us to follow her lead with very little help and telling us not to worry if we go a bit wonky.  We are loving it.  Some of us are sitting for two hours at a time, sewing, and even then, don't want to stop for lunch!  





Starry, Starry Night


As the nights draw in we are enjoying our Starry, Starry Night topic, and have made some super fact sheets about nocturnal animals and those that hibernate.




As well as non-fiction books, these are some of our favourite stories that we've read:  


 Image result for owl babies     Image result for whatever next


Photos which showed how the sky changes colour at sunset and how the buildings and trees appear black as they block out the light inspired us to make some stunning skyscapes of our own using paint and collage.



We looked at Van Gogh's painting, Starry, Starry Night, and used crayons to draw a tree, stars and a village like he did.  

   Poster Starry night


We tried to capture the movement of the wind like he has done by using lots of lines, swirls and spirals.  Using a technique called wax resist, we chose paints to wash over our drawings. 


We think our paintings could easily be placed alongside his in MoMA, in New York!  What do you think?





To investigate light and shadow, we brought in glass jars from home and filled them with coloured water, glitter and sequins and made Victorian-style 'fitter jars'.  Using torches, we cast coloured light from our jars onto a white screen and onto our faces.















Let's Talk About Maths


As a school we are committed to teaching for mastery in maths, using approaches that help children to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning. 


maths  Image result for early years maths 

Developing mathematical thinking begins in Nursery and Reception, where talk is at the heart of maths learning.  Quite simply, most of children's understanding about numbers, shapes and measures comes from talking about them, and exploring them through every day play indoors and outdoors. 



It is estimated that for children to be able to access the KS1 maths curriculum fully, they need to be familiar with over 400 mathematical words and phrases.


What do we do to ensure children have opportunities to develop such an extensive expressive vocabulary?


Careful planning which builds on what children know and can do is informed by children's enthusiasms and passions. 


We consider very carefully the environment we provide, including ways which we enrich our continuous provision: 




Specific activities are planned to support children's understanding of elements of maths.




Vocabulary is introduced and its use modelled, enabling statements and open-ended questions are asked to extend learning and support children's thinking.   



Self-registration each morning gives children a practical way to begin to recognise numbers to 30.   It also helps them to begin to understand how subtraction works.  If three children have not registered because they are absent, children can instantly see how many are in school and can begin to see patterns and learn their number bonds.



Best buddies no

Our lovely Year 6 children are always ready and willing to help their younger peers.  Each day two or three will spend their lunchtime working one-to-one with our children, using conversation cards and class reading books to encourage them to practise asking and answering clearly and confidently and to go over their phonic sounds to prepare them for reading simple words and sentences.  They usually spend some time together at the end on a classroom activity, with the older children, for example, guiding the younger ones to write their names accurately on drywipe boards or role-playing in the home corner.  








We love having them to help and they enjoy coming in to help but also to reminisce about their happy, carefree days in receptionsmiley.  The younger children are always delighted to see their buddies and they get so much from their time spent with them.


Do you know what you are? You
are a marvel. You are unique. In
all the years that have passed,
there has never been another
child like you. Your legs,
your arms, your clever fingers,
the way you move.

You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo,
a Beethoven. You have the
capacity for anything.
Yes, you are a marvel. And
when you grow up,
can you then harm another
who is, like you, a marvel?

2017 - 2018 archive

An activity for you to bring back to school.

Enjoy some snow stories. You should find good titles in the library!

Have a go at making snowmen biscuits if you can't get outside!

We have been thinking about the true meaning of Christmas in the Nursery.

Our RE topic this half term is 'My Family' Please read the attached letter.

Our topic in Nursery this half term is 'Colour'. Take a look at our curriculum map.

Our first half term in Nursery - We have done so well.

2nd October. Our week in Nursery - making salt dough, paper cup cakes and decorating biscuits. We had so much fun.

Our topic is food. We made fruit kebabs this week.

This week we made sandwiches.

We would like to welcome you to The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School.  Over the next few weeks we hope you and your child settle well, if you have any questions or concerns please do come and see us. We look forward to getting to know you all.

What will we be learning about Autumn Term 1 Nursery 2017

Our Nursery prayers

Star Moments- share your child's achievements with us in Nursery.

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With Love at the core of all we do at The Good Shepherd we: Learn to Love together, Love to Learn together, pray together and play together. Putting our faith into action. Growing in the Love and Truth of Christ in His Church for the benefit of all.