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The Good Shepherd

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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 4 - St John Bosco

Now Press Play - a plot to kill Elizabeth I

​In this Now Press Play, we took on the role of a courtier of Elizabeth I. We discovered that a group of Catholics, who had to pray in secret, were plotting to kill Elizabeth. We had to stop them! 

​​​​​​Here is a selection of our Tudor projects from this half term.

We enjoyed our trip to Tudor World in Stratford-upon-Avon. In the morning, we had an Elizabethan theatre workshop, a crime and punishment workshop and a tour of the museum. In the afternoon, we had a Shakespearean tour of Stratford-upon-Avon.

We enjoyed our 'As Creatives' workshop all about electricity through time.

We used Google Sheets to store and search for data about gingerbread men. We realised that a computerised version was much more efficient!

We are enjoying our science week activities. In this workshop, we learned about how science can be used to create a more sustainable world. We were excited by some of the scientific discoveries that we may see in years to come! 

Cooking week 3

In this week's cooking lesson, we tasted some shop bought tomato sauce. We compared the taste and texture of them. Next week, we will be thinking about which ingredients we might use to create our own tomato sauce and how we would like the label to look.

How do computers store data?

We have been learning about how computers use tables store data. We learned that computers store records in a much more efficient way than humans can!

We really enjoyed our library session to celebrate World Book Day. We had the opportunity to hear extracts from many different books and have all chosen something old or new that we would like to read. We enjoyed guessing which book was being read from!

World Book Day outfits

Pitch and Volume with Miss Howard

Miss Howard joined this week's science lesson on pitch and volume. She taught us how sound can be created in lots of different ways using instruments and our voice. She also showed us how to alter pitch and volume using instruments.

In yesterday's science lesson, we took a trip to the park to measure the speed of sound. We had to use a stopwatch to time how long it took for a sound to travel across the park. We repeated the test many times to ensure it was accurate.

We have been learning about space in art this half term. We have learned how artists make artwork look 3d. Here, we are creating cardboard reliefs to show background, middle ground and  foreground.

English - Hot seating

In today's lesson, we came up with questions that we would like to ask the main character in our new book, Jub. We worked in groups to come up with questions and had the opportunity to ask them to her.

Computing - binary code

In computing, we are learning about data. This week, we learned how computers use binary code to store information. We learned that computers do this much more effectively than humans could!

In our cooking lesson this week, we made savoury dishes like vegetarian shepherd's pie, focaccia and garlic bread. 

PSHRE - bullying

In PSHRE this week, we spoke about bullying and things that we say that can make others feel bad. We played games and role played scenarios to help us to develop our sense of empathy. We also talked about how to practice resillience.  

Science - making string telephones

In this week's science lesson, we made strong telephones to show how sound travels. We learned that sound travels faster through solids, because the molecules in a solid are closer together.

Presenting data

We have been learning about presenting data in maths. Here, we are working together to create bar charts which accurately show the amount of runs scored in a cricket match. 

Conductors and insulators

This week, we have been working scientifically. We created circuits and added different materials to test which are conductors of electricity and which are insulators. 

This term, we are learning about how artists create space in art. We are learning from the work of Millet and Brugel the Elder. Using cardboard, we will be creating a piece of art which clearly shows background, middle ground and foreground. Here, we are preparing the background for our pieces of art, where things will be shown further away (smaller and less detailed). 

Multiplication and division

We have learned a variety of methods to show how to multiply and divide. Here are some examples of our partner work this week.

We have been exploring how to multiply using lots of different methods. 

We created a role on the wall based on Mrs. Tredegar. On the outside, we wrote all of the things that we know about Mrs. Tredegar. On the inside, we inferred what her thoughts and feelings were. 

We created electrical circuits in this week's science lesson to show how electricity flows. 

The Green Ship role-play

This half-term, we are exploring 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. Here, we are role-playing the children's exploration of their new discovery, a green ship. 

In this week's lesson, we learned about variables and that Sphero has sensors. We programmed a true or false quiz - if the answer was true, we shook Sphero, if it was false, we kept Sphero still. If we got the answer correct, an achievement sound was played. If the answer was incorrect, an error sound was played.

In this week's lesson, we had to program Sphero to navigate its way through a maze. We learned that there were more than one algorithm that could be used to solve this problem. Some groups even managed to add penalties when Sphero bumped into the side. 

Now Press Play - the water cycle

In today's Now Press Play, we took on the role of a water droplet as it journeyed around the water cycle. 

King Canute

We worked in groups to create poems about King Canute. We then presented them to the class. Here is an example:

King Canute

Long, long ago about 1000 years from now,

a great, strong king would show the English how.

In 1016 he became a king,

peace, power and religion he would bring.

Travelled on a longship across the vast North Sea,

for 19 years, King Canute he would be!

King of an Empire for England, Denmark, Norway,

with an army on the ground, they were sure to stay.

He taught his subjects to show them wrong from right,

but one day they would have such a fright.

“You are a God,” his subjects would say,

but they didn’t know that the sea would not obey.

He threw his crown on the sand,

to show he could not control the sea with his hand!

We have been learning about how authors build tension in their writing. We worked in groups to create our own myth where a king or queen needed saving from a monster. We have been learning from the writing style of Rob Lloyd Jones.

Water cycle in a jar

We recreated the water cycle in a jar to show how a water droplet heats, cools and changes state as it moves around the atmosphere. 

In this week's computing lesson, we had a dance party! We used the 'loop' block when programming so that Sphero could create a dance that was repeated. We planned our code using psuedocode. We loved dancing to the music!

Conflict with Racha

In this week’s workshop, Racha and Miss Jackson had an argument while looking at the number 9. Miss Jackson thought it was a 6. We helped them to see that they were looking at the number from a different angle, just like how in a conflict, we can look at it from different sides. We then came up with some advice on how conflict can be solved, using a song to help us.

We have been using lots of different methods to show multiplication and division!

Visit from Neal Zetter

Today, we had a visit from Neal Zetter who is a comedy performance poet, author, and entertainer. We were inspired by his work and creativity!


Here are our final shell structures. We created trinket boxes. 

Friendship with Racha

In this week's workshop with Racha, we discussed friendship. We listened to the song ‘Count on Me’ and talked about what makes a good friendship. We created friendship recipes, which included all of the things that we felt was important in a strong friendship.


In this week's lesson, we programmed Sphero, a robotic ball, to move in different directions and to change colour. 

We have been learning about shell structures in D&T. Here, we are creating nets of shapes for our trinket boxes and decorating the.

Reading corner

We love spending time in our reading corner where we have access to books from a variety of genres.

Workshops with Racha

We have been enjoying our weekly PSHRE workshops with Racha which focus on self-esteem, empathy, friendships and dealing with conflict!

It Starts with YOU!

This week is anti-bullying week. The theme of this week is 'Make a Noise about Bullying'. Year 4 came together to write a poem called 'It Starts with You' which will be performed in Friday's assembly. 


Make a noise for the girls and boys.

Don’t let the bullies leave you no choice.


It’s your voice, so make a sound,

Don’t let the bullies push you to the ground.


We need to hear a voice and it starts with you,

Let’s join forces, we would need a few.


Something small can grow really big,

A few kind words will help very quick.


A hug and a smile can make someone’s day,

And remember to ask, ”Are you okay?”


We all are different and that’s a fact,

Let’s celebrate and make an impact.


We all are different and that’s alright,

Don’t take away other people’s lights.


It’s anti-bullying week and it starts with YOU,

Let’s work together and see this through!



Today we had an exciting trip to All Saints Catholic College where we experienced science in a lab! 

We got to use a wide range of scientific equipment, such as Bunsen burners. Our task was to observe over time what happens to ice cubes when we add heat. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and can't wait to do more science experiments at All Saints in the future.    

A trip on a Viking longship

In this week's history lesson, we took a journey across the North Sea on a Viking longship. We took on the role of a Viking girl who travelled to England in search of a better life. However, we were shocked to realise that we had actually come to steal, raid and invade the Anglo-Saxon's land. In the end, we learned that Alfred the Great, the Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex created a peace treaty between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. The Vikings were allowed to settle on parts of the land and have their own rules there. This was known as the Danelaw. 

Trust in God

Fr Mark came to visit to speak about our RE topic 'Trust in God'. We had lots of questions for him and spoke about how it is possible to trust in something that we cannot see or touch.  

We had a fantastic time at Sky Studios! After our behind the scenes tour of the studios, we had the opportunity to write, create and edit our own news report on our chosen topic 'cyberbullying'. We worked with sky's team of experts along with using the technology that is used every day to create real TV content. 

This half term, we have been learning about light in art. From the work of Caravaggio and Vermeer, we learned how to create a 3d effect by using different shades and shadows. We also learned how artists paint in layers to make colours stand out. Here, we are painting our final still life paintings. 

Over half-term break, we completed projects based on our next topics: Trust in God, The Water Cycle and The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Here are some examples which we presented to the class. 

In English, we began studying 'Beowulf', an epic poem from Anglo-Saxon times. Here, we turned our partners into heroes that would be brave enough to fight Grendel the monster. We used the superlative form of adjectives to describe our hero. 

October marks Black History Month. This year's theme is 'celebrating our sisters'. Here are some examples of our home learning projects, where each of us chose a black woman in history who we are inspired by. In class, we learned about Esther Bruce, an inspiring woman who was a fire warden in WWII and was the first to publish an autobiography documenting the life of a working-class Black British woman. Esther lived and worked in Hammersmith and Fulham.

World Mental Health Day

Today marked World Mental Health Day. The official theme for this year's event was 'Mental health is a universal human right'. We attended assembly this morning where we spoke about what our mental health is and how we can look after it. Miss Howard wrote us a song, which we all learned along with actions. We wore yellow to raise awareness.

The digestive system

We used a food bag, tights, banana, cracker, orange juice and water to show what happens to the food in our bodies as it moves through the digestive system. The orange juice represented acid and  the water represented saliva. The bag represented our stomach, and the tights represented our intestines, rectum and anus. 

King Duncan's murder

We acted out the events of the night of King Duncan's murder, inferring what the characters must have said, felt and done.

Macbeth's conscience alley

Macbeth agonised over his decision to Kill King Duncan. To understand his thoughts, we created a 'conscience alley'. One side of the alley were for the murder, the other side were against. Macbeth (Nandin) walked down the centre, listening to both sides of his mind. In the end, he decided that it was not a good idea to kill the king. Will this be the decision that Macbeth really makes in the play?

Maths - place value

We have been exploring different ways to show the value of numbers in maths.

We enjoyed acting out a part of the first scene from Macbeth, the battle between Scotland and Norway. We learned that Macbeth was a brave warrior who won a war for his country. 

The children in Year 3 have been working extra hard this term on their joint Music-English project, Blues songs inspired by Elizabeth Cotton, and below are the final mp3 results! These songs have been written and performed entirely by the students, ukuleles and all - please enjoy!

The Racing Train

Hollie, Sienna K, Sesen, Amelia, Milo, Isaiha

The Fast Train

Luca, Theo, Nandin, Blaze, Sienna C, Rebecca

The Toot-Toot Train

Tallulah, Helena, Eileen, Isabella, Xavier and Theodore

My Best Ride Yet

Grace, Stephan, Ellen, Clemmie, Teddy

The Night Train

Leo, Alex, Jaiden, Isla, George, Vivien

Reading with Year 5

Maths - Lines

English - Voices In The Park

Today we worked in groups in order to create character profiles of the four characters in the book ‘Voices in the Park’. We were put into groups and given a character. We then had to write about what our characters thoughts, feelings and traits were. We then got to walk around to the other group’s characters and add in anything they might have forgotten in a different coloured pen. We also had an envelope which we could open towards the end with words that may or may not match our character. We had to discuss what we thought the word meant as a group and decide whether or not it matched our character.

Comparing Flowering Plants

Conscience Alley

We are studying Anthony Browne texts this half term. We are currently looking at Into The Forest. Pupils has to write a note to the boy persuading him to listen to his mother by going the long way around the forest or to ignore his mother's wishes and go through the forest!

Pupils have been exploring songs by Elizabeth Cotten, blues and jazz music and train poetry. Today, we were fortunate enough to have professional songwriter, Miranda Cooper, provide a workshop for the year 3 pupils. Miranda was also accompanied by guitarist Nick. Over the coming weeks, pupils will continue to learn to play the ukulele , develop the skills they’ve learnt in music so far and their  to write and compose their very own song. Today pupils used the poems they wrote in English to write lyrics in small groups, with the support from professionals. 

International Week 2023

Year 3 focused on Iceland. We looked at the geography of Iceland and how this impacts human and animal life there. 

Today we celebrated Our Lady, Mary. Father Mark led a decade of the Rosary, followed by the crowning of Mary. We began the procession by singing the hymn ‘Immaculate Mary’. We lead the procession in our Holy Communion outfits. Year 1 demonstrated the life of Mary through a drama performance, we participated in singing the rest of the hymns and songs. The celebration ended with all of the children in the school laying flowers in front of the statue of Mary.

English - Performance with music

English - Poetry - Shared Writing

Science - Animal Migration

We learnt about animal migration in science. In pairs, we researched an animal of our choice and explored their migration patter and the reasons why they migrate. 

Kings Coronation Celebration

Stations of The Cross

In English we wrote non-chronological reports. Firstly, we researched an animal of our choice. We created sub headings and wrote paragraphs including all of the research that we collated. Afterwards, we used Chromebooks and Ipads to type up our reports, thus creating our own version of a Wiki page. 

Using Colour to Create Form

Today we used oil pastels to draw a still life of an apple, using different layers of colour.

We set up an apple on white paper (so that any cast shadow is clear) so that everyone had a clear view of it.


Today we explored the parable of The Prodigal Son. We explored how we can ask God for forgiveness when we do the wrong thing, and God helps us to forgive others too!