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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 4 - St John Bosco

We have been learning about electricity in science. Here, you can see us creating our own electrical circuits. We needed wires, batteries, a bulb and a switch to create our circuits. In the end, we were able to explain how electricity flows through our homes and around the country. 

This half term, we are studying the book 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. Here, we took on the role of Alice and her brother who came across an 'astonishing' discovery. 

We then explored the character of Mrs. Tredegar through a role on the wall activity.

As our DT project this term, we built Viking longships. We followed four stages in order to create them:

  1. Research: We gathered lots of information about Viking longships e.g. what they were used for, what they were made from, their size, shape and design.
  2. Design: We designed our Viking longships, taking into consideration the time and materials we had to make them. We had to figure out how we would give them their distinct shape, how to make the steering paddle movable, how we would make the dragon head detachable and how we were going to make them float. We also had to come up with a design for our dragon head, shields and sails.
  3. Make: The fun part – we worked with our partner to put our plan into action!
  4. Evaluate: We decided what went well and what we could improve if we were to complete this project again. 

Good Shepherd Carol Concert 2021

The viewing password is the same as usual. Please ask your teacher or the school office if you don't know it.

Club 144’s Christmas meeting- solving a murder in New York!

Christmas dinner!

We really enjoyed our Anglo-Saxon’s and Viking’s drama workshop. Throughout the day, we participated in various role-play activities, games and quizzes linked to our topic.

Our topic in art this term was 'light'. In our lessons, we studied the paintings 'Supper at Emmaus' by Carravaggio and 'The Milkmaid' by Vermeer in great detail. We learned how artists create form and tone in a painting to create a 3D effect, focusing on where the light hits an object.  


We began by sketching different objects, working from dark to light to show shade, shadow and highlights. We then experimented with colour, creating the colours yellow ochre and burnt sienna. Our final piece was a still life painting. We created our underpainting in yellow ochre, then painted our still life on top.

End-of-term Online Maths Quizzes

Jurassic Code: SpheroRaptor Escape!

Year 4 have started their Jurassic Code project. Their objective is to code a Sphero robot to escape from it’s enclosure through the gate carelessly left open by Owen Grady.
They started by looking around the enclosure and coming up with some pseudocode (a plain language description of the block code they will be programming in). They then began coding in block code and tested it out with the Spheros in the hall. 
There were plenty of bugs to remove, so next lesson we will refine our scripts…


We have been learning to show multiplication in lots of different ways!

The Wreck of the Zanzibar: A Debate

In today's guided reading session, the main character Laura was in a predicament. She had to decide whether or not to leave her home on Bryher island for a better life. In two groups, we came up with reasons for and against Laura leaving Bryher. Grace took on the role of Laura, listening to these reasons carefully. Thankfully, she decided to stay!

Year 3 reviewers try out our maths games!

After several lessons of research, planning, coding, testing and debugging our educational games were ready for Year 3 children to play and review. I was proud of the class and how much they achieved; everyone ended up with a game that worked and tested Year 3’s maths skills!

In English, we are studying the myth 'Beowulf' by Rob Lloyd Jones. 


In today's lesson, we worked in groups to come up with our own myths. Each group had a monster who needed defeating, a hero, a king or queen and a narrator. We worked hard to built tension throughout our performance. 

Fun with division!

Show and Tell!

We had some very interesting show and tell in year 4 this week. 


Sammy brought in a book called 'The Girl who Talked to Trees'. The book was written by his aunt who is an author. The book has been dedicated to Sammy and his brother Victor. 


Very impressively, Bella has also written and illustrated her own book called 'The Dewflower' which we all enjoyed listening to!


Thank you both Sammy and Bella for sharing! 


Now Press Play - The Vikings

In today's now press play, we took on the role of Freja, a Viking child who travelled across the North Sea on a longship to invade, raid and look for a better life in England. 

Anti-Bullying Week- 'One Kind Word'

The theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying week is ‘One Kind Word’. In today’s circle time, we defined bullying and talked about what the emotional effects of bullying are on a person. We looked at different scenario cards and thought about which words we could use in that situation to make a person feel better! We then looked at some scenarios where people showed kindness and discussed the wider impact of showing kindness and respect in this way.

Over this week, we plan to think about how we can spread kindness using our words and continue this into our everyday lives in the future. 

Making Multiples!

In today’s workshop, we learned all about Africa, in particular about the animals and how animals were hunted in the past. We used games and role-play to learn about the different types of animals that can be found in Africa.  We learned a dance called ‘The Coming of Age’ and sang the song ‘In the Jungle’.

Linking with our topic 'spatial sense', we went on a geography field trip to observe and record how Hammersmith has changed over time. We began the day in the classroom, where we studied maps of Hammersmith from 1863, 1915, 1954 and now. We noted the changes that had occurred over time and discussed why these changes had happened. We then took a trip to the river Thames in Hammersmith and learned all about the history of the area. Lastly, we studied a picture of the area from the past and then drew a field sketch of what it looks like today. We were surprised to realise how much had changed!

The Ten Plagues - Now Press Play

We have been learning about Moses and the Exodus in religion. Here, using Now Press Play, we are taking on the role of a slave who lived through the ten plagues in Egypt and was freed by Moses. In the end, we were preparing for our extremely difficult journey through the desert to Midian, the land that God had promised us.

National Poetry Day took place on Thursday 7th October. Prior to this, we learned the poem ‘Instructions for Growing Poetry’ by Tony Mitton, putting actions to the poem which was performed in assembly.

On the day, we took part in an online interactive workshop which involved creating our own witches’ spells based on the witches in Macbeth. We all wrote our own poems, using what we had learned in the workshop. Some children also wrote their own poems at home or brought in one of their favourites to share with the class!

Black History Month

Pogo Certificates

Antoni, Grace, Ferdy, Austin and Henry receiving their Pogo Level 1  Certificate for jumping for 30 seconds. Leo receiving his Level 2 Certificate for jumping for 3 minutes! Well done!

Pogo - Week 4!

Mrs Lavelle Pogoing With Us!

Imogen Pogoing

Still image for this video

Hanna Pogoing

Still image for this video

Chloe M Pogoing

Still image for this video

Box2bFit workshop

We have been studying the aftermath of Duncan’s murder and examining how Macbeth has changed from the valiant warrior we met in the beginning of the play. In many scenes, we have transformed into directors, deciding on stage directions for the play. We have realised that directing a show is much more difficult than we first anticipated

We have been learning about spatial sense in Geography this half term. We have studied the globe and how lines of latitude and longitude help us to locate places on a map. Here, we are researching our local area, finding out which facilities nearby are useful to us. In our final lesson, we will be studying old maps and photographs of Askew road, discussing how and why it has changed over the years.


We have been enjoying our weekly music lessons with Miss Howard. This half term, we have been learning about music from long ago and how it was not written down. Through games, songs and chants we have realised how difficult that must have been for the composers!

We have now completed Macbeth’s diary entry, which told the story of the events leading up to and the night of Duncan’s murder. Our diary entries took us five days to complete:

  • On day one, we acted out the events of that night, which helped us to understand the thoughts and feelings that must have gone through Macbeth’s head as he planned and committed the murder. 
  • On day two, we worked in groups to come up with some exciting words to describe Macbeth’s feelings throughout. We then planned our diary entry, sorting it into paragraphs.
  • On day three, we completed our first draft, using our plan to help us write in paragraphs.
  • On day four, we became editors, editing and improving our own work using a purple pen. We checked our grammar and punctuation errors and used a thesaurus to change some of our words to make them more exciting. We also used a dictionary to check the spelling of our words.
  • On day five, we rewrote our diary entries as a final piece. We were really impressed with our pieces of writing!

Pogo Week 3


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Today, our school parliament elections took place. We had to decide which of the four departments we wanted to join and prepare a small manifesto to share with our class. We then voted for a class member to represent us in each department. Best of luck to all of the candidates that took part!

We have been studying the human body in science. Through experimentation with eggs, coke and vinegar, we have examined the effect that a sugary or acidic diet has on our teeth. We have also learned about the digestive system in detail, studying how food moves through our bodies. We used food bags and tights to show the movement of food through the digestive system, explaining what happened at each stage of digestion.

We have been learning about number and place value in maths. In year 4, we learn about numbers as large as 10,000. The use of dienes blocks, number counters, number flippers and place value charts help us to see number in lots of different ways.

We have been studying the play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. Through role play, we have gained an insight into the characters thoughts, feelings and intentions in the play. This week, we are building up to write Macbeth's diary entry, thinking about the events that happened leading up to and on the night of Duncan's murder. 

Collective Worship

Each week, we take part in a collective worship. We light a candle and gather together to pray. We talk about the theme of the week, listen to a gospel reading and respond to it with relevant thoughts and ideas. Our collective worships are completely led by the children. 

A-Life Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop

The A-life mental health and wellbeing workshop came to visit this term. In the workshop, we learned practical ways to keep fit and healthy and discovered strategies to keep calm using the acronym 'GET CALM'. Can you remember what each letter stood for?  


Get Giving

Get Connecting

Get Active

Get Learning

Get Mindful

Medium Term Curriculum Map - Autumn

Club 144’s Secret Meeting in Wendell Park...

We had another top secret meeting at the end of last term. What do you think they might have been doing?

Keep practising your tables so you can join Club 144 too!

Welcome back!




2020-2021 ARCHIVE

Now Press Play - Romans!

Year 3 and 4 Girls Football Tournament

Sports Day 2021

We managed to avoid the rain and have some fun at Sports Day!

Years 3 and 4 took part in a cricket competition at Shepherd's Bush Cricket Club. The event was organised by Mr. Davis and Jonathan, our cricket coach. Well done to the green team who were victorious on the day!

Watch Ferdy, Hosanna, Imogen and Austin in action!

Still image for this video

Watch Felipe, Emi, Emilia and Henry in action!

Still image for this video

We have been learning about The Romans in History. Over half term, we created projects based on the The Romans. Here, you can see some of the children’s projects.

Luckily, we managed to have our annual summer fair at the Good Shepherd. We each received a set of tickets and could use them on activities and to win prizes! There were lots of fun activities set up for us throughout the day, like a super slide, hook a duck, a photo booth, a treasure trail and whack a mole. We could also cool down with an ice cold drink or an ice cream from the ice cream stall.

The Young Shakespeare Company perform Hamlet

We love Shakespeare at the Good Shepherd! The Young Shakespeare Company made their annual visit and performed a fantastic production of Hamlet for us.

Club 144 Summer Meeting

What secret things were they up to this time?
Clue: There was lots of adding up of decimals and it was something to do with the European Championships...

We have started to investigate how to get Sphero to ‘jump’ as far as possible. We tried different height ramps to see if the angle affected the distance. We predicted that Sphero’s maximum speed would be the best to choose. 

Solving coding problems

We used pseudocode (simple notes to develop into full code later) to help us plan the code needed to make Sphero rebound between two walls continuously.

This half term Year 3 have been learning about flowering plants in Science.  Our lessons included learning about pollination, germination, seed dispersal and water transport in plants. We took a trip to our local park, Wendell Park to explore the plants and trees there. 

Ancient Egypt Projects!

We have been busy this half term working on our Ancient Egypt projects. We had three sessions to complete our projects, so it was important that we planned them carefully. In week one, we completed lots of research about the area we were interested in. In weeks two and three, we were busy working on our designs and creating information leaflets, posters and videos about the pieces of work we had completed. Please go to the Google Classroom page to watch the two films that two groups of pupils created. 

We started using the Sphero robots today! We found out how to wirelessly connect the robots to the iPads and how to calibrate and drive them. Using block code, we coded the Sphero robots to drive in a square shape. Some of us managed to use a loop to reduce the coding needed. 

Club 144 Spring Meeting

What were the members of Club 144 up to today?

Skip Week Champions: Blue Team!

Good Shepherd Skip Week 2021

Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in Good Shepherd's first ever Skip Week! Each child skipped for one minute each day and had their total skips recorded.
The Blue Team managed the most, well done to them! Remember: keep on skipping!

Measuring and recording time: speed bounce

We were measuring how long it took to do twenty bounces. We used seconds and split seconds.

World Book Day!

Today, we celebrated World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book character and listened to some lovely stories throughout the day!

Good Shepherd Carol Concert 2020

The viewing password is the same as usual. Please ask your child's teacher if you're not sure.

To mark the end of this Autumn term and to thank the children for all of the hard work they have put in, we had a Christmas fun day. There were many fun activities set up on the day, like pin the nose on Rudolph, beat Santa in goals, tinsel pull, card games and hook a duck. We also got to decorate our own cookies and warm up with a tasty hot chocolate from Etain! 
On the 3rd December, years 3 and 4 had their Christmas crafts day. We began the day by creating wooden Rudolph or Santa decorations to hang on our Christmas trees. We also created a class wreath for our door, had our photo taken for our 2021 calendar and made melted snowman cookies.  

Club 144 Meeting: The Egg Drop Challenge!

We explored the physics of dropping an egg from a height of 3 metres. We worked out that we needed to:

 Increase the time over which the egg was brought to rest.

 Decrease the egg's velocity at the time of the crash.

Achille, Julione, Mason and Michael's team came second, and Dara, Jude, Michael and Ferdy's team came third. They succeeded in protecting their egg, designing a parachute with padding to absorb some of the force of the impact, but their eggs still did sustain some damage! Well done to them!

I'm sure I will have some more Year 3 members of Club 144 for the next meeting!

Now Press Play

We have been using our new resource 'Now press play' to actively engage with the topics we are learning about. Each child wears a set of wireless headphones and is sent on a journey to explore a topic. In the above lesson, we completed the Stone Age Experience. We followed the day of a stone age boy and his family hunting.  

This half term we have been developing our instructional writing and its uses in Literacy, Geography and Physical Education. Our half term project was to create a board game or set of top trump cards accompanied by instructions. We then all had the opportunity to trial and test each other's games in class. 

Carnival Day - Celebrating Black History Month

While black history is celebrated year round, Black History Month is marked annually. It recognises and values the inspirational individuals and events that have shaped the black generation. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also those who contribute to and help our society today. As as class we learned about Claudia Jones. Claudia Jones was an equal rights activist and was the founder of Notting Hill Carnival. We decided to host our own carnival, by making our own masks and wearing outfits that were worn in Notting Hill Carnival itself. 

Scratch Coding Projects

We've been using Scratch online to complete different coding projects. So far, we've made a chatbot, animated eyeballs and a boat race game.
During our first term back to school we are doing OAA in PE. We used our subject knowledge from our Geography and Math lessons to help us complete the team building activities. 

Coding with Beebots

Year 3 have been starting to code using Beebots. We thought about the sequence of commands we needed in order to complete each of Mr. Davis' tricky challenges!
Here at the Good Shepherd, we recognise that coming back to school was not easy for a lot of children. To acknowledge this, we held our very own beach day on Monday 14th September. We put our curriculum subjects aside for the day and celebrated coming back to school. The day was full of fun and laughter in the sun. As some pupils said, 'It was the best day ever!'.

Welcome back, Year 3!

2019 - 2020 ARCHIVE

Lauchie's home video - The Great Fire of London

Still image for this video
Well done to Lauchie and family for creating this super video.

Dear Parents,
I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to all of the Year 2 children for their amazing home learning projects over the half term.
They were all so unique and interesting. For this reason, we will be holding an exhibition displaying all of the children's hard work both at home and in school on Friday the 14th of February at 2 pm.
See Lauchie's wonderful home video inspired by The Great Fire of London below as taster of what's to come.
Kind Regards,
Miss Twomey

Home learning w/b 16-12-19

Dear Parents/Carer,

It has been a very successful half term with each child making fantastic progress on their learning journey.

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to our classroom reading corner by donating bean bags, baskets and artificial grass, the children LOVE it!

Thank you also to everyone who sent in any Julia Donaldson books from home. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with their friends, creating; different story endings, story maps, character descriptions, book reviews and learning about the author and her style of writing.

Please inform me if you are still missing any Julia Donaldson books and I will have another look for them.

Wishing everyone safe travels, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Best wishes,

Miss Twomey


Year 2 reading  corner


Dear Parents,


Please see attached this weeks spelling list, spelling words where the <ch> sound in the word makes a /k/ sound. Please see your child’s book bag for a comprehension text on 'Remembrance Day'.  Finally, log onto Mathletics (login can be found stapled to the front cover of each child’s reading record) account to accesses this week's assigned math homework. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Twomey

Home Learning 15/11/19

Home learing w/b 28/10/19

The cello and violin tutors at The Good Shepherd.

Still image for this video

Dear Parents/Carers,


Wishing you all a wonderful half term with a few photos included showing some of the fun activities your child took part in this week. Please be aware, if I have shaded over your child's face it is only because I have not been permitted to put your child's picture on our website.


Activities included:
Ella's Kitchen visitor
Pirate day
Golf lessons
Music demo from the violin and cello tutors.


Kind Regards,


Miss Twomey



Dear Parents/Carers,

To celebrate all of the children’s hard work this half term, we will be having a pirate day on Friday the 18th of October. The children will dress up as pirates and will take part in fun activities related to the topic.

Please encourage your child to make their costume out of recycled material if they don’t already have one.

Throughout the week, could I also request that you send in any old boxes or plastic bottles as we will also be building ships.

Kind Regards,

Miss Twomey

Please find attached, home learning for the week beginning 7-10-10

Dear Parents,


Please find attached above the children's home learning for the week beginning 30-9-19.


Can I request that all parents make sure not to put your child's hair in a tight bun on PE day (Wednesday) as the children are struggling to do forward rolls with them in.


Have a lovely weekend,


Kind Regards,


Miss Twomey

Dear Parents,


Please find attached above this weeks home learning. Please remember to help your child practice there new spelling list (week 2) over the weekend and during the week. Spelling tests will always be held on a Friday and home learning will be due in on Thursday each week.


Please make sure your child has their name on every piece of clothing including tights etc.


Kind Regards,


Miss Twomey



Dear Parent

I am writing to update you on routines which will be continuing throughout the academic year.

Children’s books will be changed daily if your child has read, this could change throughout the academic year to three times a day depending on time restrictions. In saying that, I do not expect your child to read every day, a minimum of three times a week is appropriate. 

Home learning will be given out every Friday and will almost always link to what your children have been learning that week. Your child’s Mathlethics log in has been stapled onto the inside of your child’s reading record, please use this throughout the academic year to reaffirm what your child is learning in school as it all links to the curriculum. 

I have included a spelling list as part of your child’s home learning and we will have a spelling test every Friday. The word list is subject to change depending on how difficult or easy your child is finding the words, however, you will be informed if this ever happens.

If you wish to speak to me privately at any point throughout the academic year please do not hesitate to make an appointment or send your child in with a note and I will arrange the quickest possible time available.

It has been a pleasure meeting you all and teaching your children here at The Good Shepherd.


Warmest Regards,

Miss Twomey

Year 2 Curriculum map Autumn term

Homework Friday 13th September 2019

Welcome to Year 2 2019 - 2020!

Year 1 2018 - 2019 archive


Our half term in review!

Hello everyone! Here is a round up of everything Year 1 were getting up to during the term!

History: We were learning about Parliament and Prime Ministers. We learnt about the important roles and jobs in Parliament. We studied Simon De Monfort and Robert Walpole, who had integral roles in the history of parliament and prime ministers. We went on an incredible trip to the Houses of Parliament! We went to the Education Center and watched a movie about King John, The Magna Carta, Simon De Monfort, The Suffragettes and all the way up to our current parliament and prime minister. It was really interesting! We then went on a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament! We even saw a replica of the Magna Carta! We met a Lord, called Lord Roberts in the House of Lords. We also had the pleasure and amazing experience of seeing the Speaker, John Bercow- he even said 'You are very welcome here today!' We all felt so special! It was a fantastic trip and we all really enjoyed it!

PE:  We had a particularly active half term aswell! We had cricket lessons with Jonathan every Wednesday morning and we loved it! We also had a workshop called A-Life in school. We did lots on work on healthy eating an looking after our bodies! Today we did a fitness workshop which was really fun - and tiring!

Reading:  We have been very busy readers this term aswell! We finished our class story book, we were reading The Wizard of Oz during fruit time every day. We loved listening to the story - Miss O'Leary even put on funny voices for all the characters! We have been reading every day during , D.E.A.R time ( Drop Everything And Read). This is a special time when we read together as a class! We love reading!


DT Project Ideas

Teddy is home, back with Flo and ready for an adventure! I wonder where Teddy is off to today!

Teddy is all set for Ireland! Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

Chick update- 8am Saturday

Our chicks were up chirping bright and early this morning! Miss O’Leary is just about to change their brooder, set out some new bedding and give the chicks some breakfast!

Have a fantastic sunny Saturday , Love from , The Chicks x

Chick Update Friday 8:30pm

Our wonderful chicks are ‘egg-hauseted’ after their busy week! Miss O’Leary has taken them home for the weekend to look after them, and they’re just about to go to bed! Check back in the morning to see what time they wake for breakfast! Fingers crossed they won’t be up at the crack of dawn! 

Our weeks in review- Spring part 2

We have been very busy in Year 1 lately! Apologies for the delay in posting updates- here is a quick over view smiley

Science workshops:  We were so lucky to have not one but two super workshops organised by Miss McDaid for science week! We made slime with Sublime Science, and we had a mystery to solve with a Forensic Science workshop.

English: We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day. We even had a special visitor- a famous illustrator! Tony De Saulles is the illustrator behind Horrible Science books and even wrote a series of books called - Bee Boy! Tony gave us a fantastic workshop about how to draw our own illustrations.

EGG-CITING NEWS: As you may be aware, we have 10 new members of our class - our wonderful chicks! Ten eggs arrived in an incubator on Monday. On Tuesday we started to see some cracks and saw that the chicks were 'pipping' and starting to hatch. On Wednesday morning when Miss O'Leary came into school , she was shocked to see 5 beautiful fluffy little beings! Five chicks hatched on Wednesday followed by the 5 other on Thursday. We have had a fantastic time learning about chicks, and observing the changes in the chicks over the last few days! Miss O'Leary has put a link to some fun resources which you can look into at home! Keep an eye on the class page to see some updates over the weekend!

I've also attached some phonics and examples of Mental maths tests to practice at home below.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Miss O'Leary


Mental Maths Practice

Our weeks in review- Spring 2

Hello everyone! Miss O'Leary has had some catching up to do with our reviews! We have been extremely busy the last few weeks so check it out!

Sublime Science: We recently experienced a Sublime Science workshop! Miss McDaid organised for us to have a fun filled science afternoon. We learned about different scientific concepts, such as how sound travels, how air can be manipulated and how combining different substances can cause a reaction ( we made our own sweets!)

World Book Week: We had a fun filled book week last week to celebrate world book day! We had a book swap, dressed up as our favorite character and had a fantastic book themed lunch, which Mrs Henbrey organised!

PSHE: To mark Mental Health Week recently, Nurse Lisa came to school and spoke to us about how we can be 'bucket fillers'. A bucket filler is someone who fills up their own 'bucket' or somebody else's , to make that person feel good! We read a story with Nurse Lisa and spoke about the different ways we can fill buckets!

ICT: We have been very busy in Year 1 with computing lately! We were coding 'spirited ' and using algorithms to move the object! We also published some pieces of writing using J2 write, a program especially for younger coders like us!

PE: We have had some exciting PE lessons lately! We played football ( soccer as Ms O'Leary calls it) and practiced skills like dribbling, shooting and passing. In gymnastics we have been working on our agility skills, balancing on beams and climbing. We've also practised our teamwork skills using a parachute!

Sorry for the delay in recent reviews but hopefully we are back on track! I have attached some links for songs and games online below if you want to check them out!

Have a fantastic week, 

Miss O'Leary smiley



Our week in review- Monday 29th January -Friday 1st February

We have been busy preparing our masterpiece for the Spring Ball this week -take a look at everything we've been up to!

Religion: Today we celebrated the feast of St Brigid. We read a story about her cloak that could grow to cover enough land so she could build a church! We learned that she is the patron saint of the sick and poor in Ireland. We also weaved a cloak just like hers using paper!

Art: This week we have been busy creating a wonderful piece of art work for the auction at the Spring Ball. Our piece is inspired by artist Leonid Afremov and is titled 'Big Ben, London'. We decided to call our piece of art 'A London Dream'. A lot of hard work and patience went into our piece of art, which Miss Kennedy helped us to draw!

Cookery: In cookery this week we made homemade pork sausages. We mixed together mince, apples and garlic. They were delicious! We also made some mini pizzas!

Maths: In maths this week we have started to learn about length. We discussed what instruments we use to measure- like rulers. We went around the classroom practising our measuring skills!


That's all for this week! Check out the pictures below to see our week in photos!

Have a wonderful weekend, and for anyone attending our Spring Ball , we hope you have a fantastic time!

Miss O'Leary

Spanish Songs

Our week in review- 21st -25th January 2019

We had a fantastic week in Year 1 this week- take a look!

ICT: This week we became coders in Year! We were learning about algorithms and now know that an algorithm is a set of instructions. We made an algorithm to give instructions to a rocket ship so it could visit each planet in the universe. We used a program called J2 code.

RE: This week we listened to and acted out the story of the Presentation.  We made a link to how Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the temple to be blessed by God, and how our families brought us to Church to be baptized when we were babies too!

Cookery: This week we were cooking like master bakers! We made some Irish soda bread, and we all mixed and kneaded the bread mixture. We also helped Etain to weigh out the ingredients! We are really enjoying cooking this term!

We are working so hard in Year 1 and are growing so fast! Miss O'Leary is incredibly impressed by everything we can do! :) 

We're also working on something special for the Good Shepherd Spring Ball. We have our artistic hats on in class! Keep an eye out at the ball for a special master piece handmade by Year 1 ! sad

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss O'Leary