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The Good Shepherd

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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Nursery - St Anthony of Padua

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Gods Wonderful World


This term our religious focus is Gods wonderful world. Through this topic we will be exploring God's creation of the world with a particular focus on plants, animals, knowing that God made us and understanding that God loves us and always will.

Our religious focus links in with our class topic Special me with us being aware that we are all unique. Through Special me we will be looking at faces and bodies, keeping healthy, looking after ourselves, senses and feelings.


How can you help your child to settle in?


Practicing our prayers

Each day we gather together to say a morning prayer, a lunchtime prayer and an afternoon prayer. 


Morning Prayer
Oh my God,
You love me,

You are with me night and day,
I want to love you always,
In all I do and say,
I try to please you Father,
Bless me through this day,

Lunchtime Prayer

Bless us O Lord

As we sit together

Bless the food

We eat today

Bless the hands that make the food

Bless us O Lord


Evening Prayer

God our Father
I come to say,
Thank you for your love today
Thank you for my family

And all the friends you give to me

Guard me in the dark of night

And in the morning send your light


Read a story under our awning before school 

We have a selection of books to read under our awning, you can spend a few quiet minutes reading with your child before the day begins.  


Building their confidence to become an independent individual

Each child has their own peg, please encourage your child to hang up their coats and jumpers/cardigans here. 

Practice going to the toilet. Building their physical skills to be able to pull clothing up and down, before and after using the toilet. 


Saying goodbye to your child

Its very important to say goodbye to your child. If your child is unsettled in the morning please say a quick goodbye before you leave reassuring them you will see them again later. This helps to ease the separation process. 


Collecting your child with a smile

Your child has had a busy day, greet them with a smile not your phone. Talk to them about their day, tell them about yours, get down to their level if you can.  

Its a long day, they have missed you. 


Share their WOW moments with us

In our individual meetings at the beginning of this term you were given WOW sheets. Please use them. We want to know about their WOW moments, we will share them with their friends too. 





Week beginning 24th September 2018

This week we were focusing on the plants and fruits in God’s wonderful world and how we keep healthy.

We read Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett, talking about where our food comes from, what plants need to grow and who created the plants that we get food from.

We each planted cress seeds on cotton wool, we have been watching them grow through the week.


We talked about our plants, bushes and the trees in the garden. How can we help them to grow? We decided to have compost collection bin, each day during snack time we collect our fruit peels and cores to empty into the compost bin in our garden.


This week we used vegetables for priniting and we did observational drawing of plants, fruits and vegetables. We looked closely at them and used oil pastels to draw them.


We looked in our garden to see what we can find, we picked the apples growing on our tree and ate them.

Our apples got a big thumbs up!                            

We read Funny bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We talked about our bones, what bones can we feel? What do they do? Our skull, protecting our brain. Ribs protecting our heart and lungs. We talked about brushing our teeth to keep our mouth healthy. We practiced brushing large teeth with a timer.  


We made a fruit salad using bananas and oranges. We used our fine motor skills to peeled the oranges and bananas and used our knifes to chop the bananas.

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