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The Good Shepherd

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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 6 - St Stephen

World Book Day 2023

English - Sharing our Fables with Year 2

This half-term, we have been learning more about fables. We wrote our very own fable and shared these with the children in Year 2. We loved sharing our work with younger children and hope to do this again. 

Let's Connect - Children's Mental Health Week

We took some time out of our busy schedules to talk and learn about Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme is 'Let's Connect.' We played a game of Bingo, where we wrote down some things we like to do/some attributes that notice about ourselves and then went around the room trying to find others with similarities to us. We were surprised to find that people we don't normally spend time with are more similar to us than we expected. With this in mind, we played some games with people we don't usually spend much time connecting with, and we found this hugely enjoyable - some of us even learned the rules to games we had no idea how to play!

Geography - Celebrating Australia Day

Years 5/6 Netball Tournament

Our year 5 and 6 netball team competed at the Hammersmith and Fulham Primary School High Five Netball Tournament. The Good Shepherd boys and girls won all of their group matches which put the top of their pool and straight into the semi final. The boys and girls played amazingly well throughout the tournament and won their semi final. The final was a very close game and we narrowly missed out on the trophy by a score of 2-0. Well done to all of the children involved, you did yourselves and the school proud.

Year 6 Songwriting Project


Last term, Year 6 had a crash course in music production using the school iPads and formed bands to create their own original songs. Below you can hear the five songs created!

Zimbabwe - B.M.M.

By Romae, Liam, Jack, James and Hugo

Run Away - Running Tracks

By Jude, Joel, Michael and Fabian

We Are The Girls - The Unknown

By Isabella, Allegra, Anar, Evelin, Rioghna

GAME NIGHT - The Midnight Vibers

By Munachi, John, Oliver and Julione

HAPPY CAPPY - The Best Capybaras

By Sophie, Rosa, Amelia, Ramira, Annie-Rose

Now Press Play - Learning about Harriet Tubman and the Slave Trade

This term, we will design, make and then evaluate our very own cushion covers! Before we do this, we have been researching the functions and asethetics of cushion covers, as well as practising different stitches. Although challenging, we are enjoying learning new skills. 

All Saints' Day

Today, KS1 and KS2 held a Black History Assembly. Each class completed study of an inspirational person from the local area.

Year 1 - Adelaide Louise Estelle Hall

Year 2 – Mary Seacole

Year 3 – Fanny Eaton

Year 4 – Dr John Alcindor

Year 5 – Ellen and William Craft

Year 6 – Gandhi

Science - The Human Body - Making BLOOD Smoothies

As part of our 'Human Body' topic, we have been learning about the components of our blood. We then made our own blood smoothies, with each ingredient representing a component of our blood. 

DISCLAIMER: No actual blood was used in the making of these smoothies.

We’ve had another busy day here at PGL Liddington. 
Today’s activities included Trapeze, Survivor, Rock Climbing and Fencing. 
Our evening activity was Photo Challenge. 

We also had a visit from Mrs Lavelle today who came with your beautiful letters and tasty treats. 
We are currently packing up our belongings, ready to vacate our rooms tomorrow morning. 
We are excited for our final day of activities and telling you all about it tomorrow evening. 

We’ve had another lovely day here at PGL. 

Today’s activities included Aeroball, Zip Wire, Abseiling and Archery. 
We are currently enjoying our evening activity, PGL Sports Night. 
We are tired, but happy, and look forward to what tomorrow will bring. 
More updates tomorrow evening. 

We have had a lovely first day here at PGL.  
Today’s activities included canoeing, vertical challenge and giant swing. Our evening activity was campfire, where we sang and danced the evening away. 
More updates tomorrow evening. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The language in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is quite tricky, but we found that adding actions to familiar words helps us to understand the scene better. Here we are, using actions during a scene where Hermia is pleading with her father and Duke Theseus to allow her to marry her one true, Lysander.  

Welcome to Year 6

Mudlarks STEM workshop with Hydrasyst

The Leaning Woman trip and workshop (Proud Places)

Girls Cricket 2022

Sports Praise Assembly Summer 2022!

Skip Week 2022!

Mudlarks Project - Analysing the plastic samples found in the river Thames

Year 5 Cook Off

River Walk to Hammersmith Bridge - Mudlarks Project

Virtual Galleries 2022

Please take a look around the wonderful galleries the class has created to showcase their artwork.
The viewing password is the same as usual. Ask your teacher or the school office if you're not sure.

Our trip to the Science Museum

Champions League Grand Final (and winners’ match against the mighty All-Stars!)

Silly Science at The Good Shepherd!

Self-portrait artwork inspired by Chuck Close

Junior Netball Tournament @ St.Benedict’s

Our junior netball team had a great time competing against other local schools in an exciting Hi 5s netball tournament. Each member of the squad rotated to play in a different position for each match. Bella and Maya were our top scorers and Rioghna earned a Player of the Day award for her tenacity and awareness of space during our matches. 

Times Tables Rock Stars- Battle of the Bands!

Multi-skills Sports Festival @ St.Paul’s Girls’ School

Nine children from Y4, 5 and 6 competed in an exciting multi-skills competition hosted by St.Paul's Girls' School. They had a variety of activities to try, including bowling, football and curling. Our team had a great time and were awarded medals for their team's high score. Well done to all of them!

Virtual Galleries Project: logos

As part of the Virtual Galleries Project, Year 5 researched logos and decided that something CLEAR, SIMPLE and UNIQUE made for the most memorable logos.

They tried to incorporate these features in their own logos using the website

Good Shepherd Carol Concert 2021

The viewing password is the same as usual. Please ask your teacher or the school office if you don't know it.

Christmas dinner!

Club 144 Secret Meeting- what were they up to this time?

Mayor’s Cup football matches vs Old Oak

Our girls’ and boys’ football teams played their first matches of the season against Old Oak. 
The girls played first in a fast and furious encounter that saw Rioghna make a series of brave saves in goal. The game ended 0-0.

The boys spent most of the first half camped in their opponents’ half and ended the half 1-0 up after Tadhg finished calmly after the ball zipped around the penalty area. A great second goal for Good Shepherd from William in the second half secured the win for the boys.

Bikeability Cycle Training

Black History Month


Romeo and Juliet - The Capulet's Party

Easy Riders Cycle Club

Our Easy Riders had their first ride of the year in Wendell Park. I’m sure the other children from our lunchtime learn-to-ride club will be ready to join us on our next outing!

Club 144’s Secret Meeting in Wendell Park...

We had another top secret meeting at the end of last term. What do you think they might have been doing?

Keep practising your tables so you can join Club 144 too!

Welcome Back!



2020 - 2021 ARCHIVE

For our final Computing lesson of the year- Sphero Racing!

Year 3 and 4 Girls’ Football Tournament

Sports Day 2021

We managed to avoid the rain and have some fun at Sports Day!

Spooky Story!

We have been learning about electricity in science. Here, you can see us creating our own electrical circuits. We needed wires, batteries and a bulb to create our circuits. In the end, we were able to explain how electricity flows through our homes and around the country. 

The Good Shepherd’s newest member!

Meet the newest pupil at the Good Shepherd, Rocket. Mrs. Lavelle very kindly made a surprise visit to our classroom so that we could meet him. We all fell in love and have promised to look after him really well.