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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Year 6 - St Stephen

Go With the Flow - Circulatory System Soundtrack

2. Go With The Flow - backing.mp3

Following our Y5 Healthy Stars programme, Josias was invited for a QPR matchday experience!

PGL Day 4

We had another wonderful day here at PGL. 

Activites today included Trapeze, Canoeing, Archery and Abseiling. 

Mrs Lavelle arrived at lunch time with your letters and other goodies.

We are now throwing some shapes on the infamous PGL dance floor. 

See you all tomorrow!!! 

PGL Day 3

It’s been another hectic day here at PGL. 

Some of today’s activities included Abseiling, Archery, Jacob’s Ladder, Challenge Course and Raft Building!! Most of us got soaking wet and we LOVED it. 

In other news, the food is still as delicious as ever and Hannah has been celebrating Christmas a little early. 

No one wants to go home and some have requested to stay for the weekend!! 

We will have more updates for you tomorrow evening. 

PGL Day 2

We have had a lovely first full day at PGL. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. 

Today’s activities included Aeroball, Ziplining, Climbing, Giant Swing and Fencing. 

Tonight we go to the forest for “Ambush,” a PGL classic. 

Everyone is looking forward to another full day of activities tomorrow. 

PGL Day 1

We have arrived!

The children have already settled into PGL life and had a great first evening. 

The food here is delicious and our first evening activity, “Passport to the World,” was a huge success. 

More updates tomorrow evening. 


Welcome to St Thomas More Class

2018 / 2019

Water Rockets

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Water rockets project

Sports Day 2019

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Club 144 Summer Meeting- can you guess what they were up to this time?

School musical 2019: Beauty and the Beast

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Butterflies Project

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Maths challenge: how many people can fit on 1 sq m of newspaper?

Girls' Cricket Tournament @ S.B.C.C.

Athletics Festival @ Linford Christie Stadium

Science experiments on levers and on air resistance

Lunchtime Champions League Final! Well done to Tottenham!

Spellings for first week back after half-term (week beginning 3rd June)

International Week- South Korea

Visiting the chicks in Ms O’Leary’s class!

Club 144 Spring Meeting (Top Secret!). What were they doing this time?

Textiles Project: Baghdad AD 900. Many thanks to Ms Skinmore for her expertise!

Spring Spelling Bee

Trip to the British Museum

Supporting Your Child At Home - Year Five, March 2019

Mayor’s Cup Bronze Medallists!

Forensic science workshop

World Book Day 2019

Mayor’s Cup quarter-finals: we saw a great team effort from the girls! Unfortunately it wasn't enough to beat a very strong Addison team.

Textiles: learning to sew

Badminton Festival @ Hammersmith Academy

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Badminton Festival @ Hammersmith Academy

Class assembly script and song words for Wed. 5th March 2019- learn your lines and song!

Ode to the Ancient Greeks- our song to learn for our class assembly

Year Five Presents: Virtual Galleries 2019

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04:14 CAIN & CYRUS
10:00 HANNAH & EVI

Virtual gallery logos

William Blake's The Tyger performed by Year Five

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas design project

Club 144 top secret meeting! Can you work out what they were doing?

November Numeracy Challenge 2018- winners!

Chequered portraits inspired by Chuck Close

Year 5 Parents' Evening

The planets of the Solar System

All Saints’ Day 2018

Cut-up portraits inspired by Chuck Close

The Young Shakespeare Company perform ‘Twelfth Night’

Everyone bringing their swim kits + great effort in the pool = park time on the way back to school!

Whole school trip to the Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

School mission statement video by Isabelle, Ksawier, Poppy and Josias

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Jump! with Monika and Year Five

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Girls’ and boys’ football teams

Year six review the performances of the Juliet soliloquies we have written

A little more tag rugby while the weather is still good!

Collective worship

This year’s school council members /‘Mini Vinnies’ are Poppy and Ksawier

Romeo & Juliet: Act 2 Scene 2 (Romeo's soliloquy in the Capulets' orchard)

An ensemble reading of the scene by year five.

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 5 The Capulets' Party by Year 5

This was our first run through of the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. Everyone had either a directing or acting role. The directors decided on the order of events and actions of the servants and guests.

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RE Creation project and presentations

Tableaux of key scenes from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet- "O woeful day!"

Tag rugby in Wendell Park



Hello, and welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a great summer. I am very happy to be teaching in year five again. Here are just a few things I am looking forward to over the coming weeks and months of the autumn term:


- Our trip to the Tate Modern art gallery (a research trip for our Virtual Galleries IT project).

- The 'Romeo and Juliet' English and drama project.

- A visit from the very talented Young Shakespeare Company (their Macbeth performance last year was simply amazing).

- Our Primary Indoor Athletics Award Scheme.

- 'Jump' trampolining sessions with Monika.

- More members of the class gaining membership to my 'Club 144' times table collective.

- Music sessions with our super new music teacher Miss Latham.

- Building on everyone's maths skills as we delve further into maths mastery.

- The 'Lost in Space' / 'Earth, Sun & Moon' topic and science double-whammy.

- RE lessons exploring Catholic faith with Mrs Lavelle.


Please see the autumn term curriculum map below for more detail.

Mr Davis

Year five autumn term curriculum map




2017- 2018 CLASS ARCHIVE

Safer Internet Day #ItStartsWithUS

Club 144 Treasure Hunt Challenge!

Mathletics Numeracy Challenge

Autumn Spelling Bee - Well done Nathan!

Nathan, Evi & Isabelle- Autumn term's top spellers

Our trip to Fulham Palace

Our half-term project - The Tudors

Exploring Judaism

Who's calling, please?

We have used string telephones to test how sound travels to the ear through different mediums.

Year 3 2016-2017

Help your children prepare for the weekly multiplication and division tests with these tasks.

International Week - We are learning all about Brazil. Marcelo brought in Brazilian food and drink for us to try and it was delicious!

Cheese bread
Pipoca (popcorn)
Guarana soda
Coconut water

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Kew Gardens. They even got to explore the rainforest plants and investigate which ones could be used for food, water, shelter and medicine.

This Summer term we are learning all about plants in Science. We set up an investigation to figure out what plants need to grow tall and healthy, and we used sunflowers. We will then plant these sunflowers on the school rooftop.

Congratulations to the children who took part in the Year 3 and Year 4 Football Tournament, everybody at the Good Shepherd is very proud!

We have been investigating rocks and discovering how fossils are formed. We even made our own so we could understand the process in more detail.

Year 3 Skittleball Tournament


Skittleball tournament @ Hammersmith Town Hall

Year 3 visit the Museum of London and the Roman Gallery

We worked in groups to create a wonderful retelling of the nativity through shadow puppets, combining Religion with our new knowledge of Science!

We are learning all about shadows, in particular, how they are formed and how they change size. First we experimented with hand puppets which was great fun!


Our assembly on Ancient Rome was a huge hit!

When we need a brain break we love to dance!

We are learning about the mystery of the Incarnation. We worked in groups to write down all the things that make Jesus both truly God and truly Human.

This Autumn Term 2 we are learning about Mary, Mother of God

We are making periscopes to investigate how mirrors reflect light!

We are exploring darkness as the absence of light. We had to put our hands into a black bag and guess what the item inside was using only our sense of touch.

We have started learning about light in Science and we love it! First we had to sort pictures based on those things that provide us with a light source and those that do not...

We arrived back after our mid term break with these beautiful Roman posters to show to our classmates!

During Autumn Term 1, we have been learning about the Christian family. Here is our Autumn themed sacred table.

Lots of little Beings with a personality,

Each a little different and a little like me.

Lots of little Beings like stars in the sky,

Each one has a different little twinkle in its' eye.

Lots of little Beings like leaves on a tree,

Hanging all together in a Being family.

Lots of little Beings like peas in a pod,

Being all together, being loved by God.


Welcome to Year 3!


2015 - 2016 ARCHIVE



May Procession

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Welcome back to year 2.  As you can see we have already begun yoga this term.  Next Tuesday we will be trying our hands at tennis.


No need for any extra equipment but PE kits are needed.  Please remember if they haven't come back yet. 


Michelle Backshall

Yoga Year 2

We're ready Ali.
We are listening carefully.
Here we go!
This is fun.
I can do this.
We are trying hard.
Yoga is great!
Everyone had a great time.  See you next week!

Maths in Year 2.

We have been working together.
We have been using the < and > symbols.
We know the Crocodile likes to eat big numbers.

Cooking up a storm! We have really enjoyed working with Etain in the Summer House.

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THANK YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL NHS - please go to our gallery where you will see the children's art work thanking the NHS!