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“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my own and my own know me”. John 10:14"

Reception - St Rose Philipine (More photos can be found @ Home, Curriculum, Early Years Foundations Stage)

Sports Day 2021

We managed to avoid the rain and have some fun at Sports Day!


On Wednesday we took a coach to Bocketts Farm Park, a working sheep farm in Fetcham.  We had a wonderful outdoor learning experience, seeing first-hand how a working farm operates and having the opportunity to get close to and touch and feed a range of farm animals and their young.  It was lovely to be in the countryside.  We climbed to the top of a hill on our tractor ride, fields, trees and animals all around us and saw London far away on the horizon!




Land of the dinosaurs

The children have loved this half term's topic.  They are now using really quite complex language to explain what they know about dinosaurs.  Ask them to explain the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and how their teeth and jaws differ as a result of the food they eat; they will tell you!  They've learned the words predator and prey and know about the features some dinosaurs have to protect themselves. 








We've recreated primordial swamps in the garden and used props to pretend to be dinosaurs hunting for food.  With a little guidance, the children made a lovely new play dough with coffee grounds which was great for taking prints of the fossils and ammonites we have in our classroom.  It was also good for making impressions of our toy dinosaurs' feet and seeing their three toes!  Some children went further and used the dough to make nests and eggs and pretended to hatch baby dinosaurs, showing understanding that dinosaurs were just like all other egg-laying reptiles such as snakes and crocodiles.  



The children have produced some great independent writing, too.  The regular phonics work that your children did during Lockdown is really paying off in terms of greater confidence for writing and reading for the majority of them.






Bee-Bot’s simple and child friendly layout is a perfect starting point for Reception children to begin basis coding.  Mr Davis, our Head of Maths and IT, is spending time with the children on Friday mornings, teaching them control, directional language (prepositions) and basic computer programming. 



The children are learning that Bee-Bot will not go where they want it to without a well-thought-out, sequential set of instructions.  Bee-Bot can accurately move in steps of 15cm, turn in 90° turns, and remembers up to 40 steps!  The children are enjoying learning to solve problems, for example, how to programme Bee-bot so that it moves smoothly from the garage, along the street and round the corner to the bank!   They are having lots of fun practising and playing as they hone their new skills, learning the symbols for commands like clear, forward, turn left, turn right and go! 




Coding and programming Reception-style

As the first term drew to a close, we were very thankful to have been able to stay at school learning and playing with our friends and remaining safe, well, busy and happy as we got ready for Christmas.  

Christmas jumper fun day and a visit from Santa!

After half term, we began our Starry Starry Night topic and again, we were fortunate to have Lottie's dad come in and talk to us about the Hindu celebration of Divali, also called the Festival of Lights.  Lottie's dad told us how Divali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance through the story of Rama and Sita, and Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity.  


During that week, the children experimented with 2D shapes, coloured rice and technology to make traditional Rangoli patterns.  They also learned clay techniques of rolling and making pinch pots to create and decorate their own diyas to take home for Christmas.  Lottie and her parents provided us with lovely traditional and colourful, savoury and sweet treats to celebrate with.




In October, to complete our work on our Wonderful Me topic and our focus during Black History Month on Mary Seacole, we were fortunate to have a visit from Mia's mum to talk to us about the wonderful work that nurses do whether on the frontline of a bloody war with few resources like Mary Seacole back in the 1850s or battling Covid in hospitals around the world today.  Parents will have seen some of the work the children completed in their books on this subject.  The children were delighted with the sunglasses Mia's mum brought for them!


Learning about the work of a nurse from Mia's mum





On Monday 14th September 2020, the whole school put down their pens, pencils and books, threw on their swimming things and had a fabulous day at the beach without leaving the school gates.  No-one enjoyed it more than our Reception class, some of whom had only known the school for just over a week!


Take a look at these photos of the fun we had that day!smiley


Coronavirus has made outside learning more important than ever for primary schools.  We are fortunate that we were able to come into school during lockdown to refresh our early years' garden, reorganise resources, repaint the woodwork and plant new bushes and fruit trees.  We hope that we have created a stimulating, happy place for the children to learn and grow.


September's amazing weather has given us the opportunity to be outside a lot.  It's important for developing gross motor skills, fitness and physical confidence.  It also gives the children the chance to take part in scientific investigation first-hand: using weights, buckets and pulleys, the water wall, the mud kitchen, gathering plants and leaves for pretend cooking or using magnifying glasses to get a closer look at spiders, beetles and snails. 


Here are some photos of the children exploring these things together in our garden, making friends, devloping their language skills and learning to work together cooperatively. 





At 11.45am every day, following our phonics session, we wash our hands, sing our lunchtime prayer and take our seats in the hall. The children go up to get their lunch and choose what they want in addition from the salad bar.  The children have music sessions with Mr Cape twice a week, a weekly outdoors multi-sports session and gym in the hall with me. 






2019 - 2020 ARCHIVE

All Saints Day

We have all returned from half term eager to learn. 


Our new topic is Amazing Autumn. 


We have had lots of fun with pumpkins this week. 

We used hammers to make holes in the pumpkins with golf tees.  

Pumpkin Fun

Today we made a delicious pumpkin cake together.

Welcome to our Nursery Class Page


We will update this page regularly with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.


We have been busy for the last three weeks settling in to our routines and making new friends.  


We have great fun developing our skills through a balance of play and adult led activities. 









Welcome to Nursery 2019 -2020!

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